Source for deck rigging/beads

I would like to replace the stretched rigging on my Impex Montauk. Can anyone recommend an on-line vendor source and also suggest the rigging material, a less-strechable polyester as well as nice-looking beads to keep the rigging spaced off the deck?

Strangely enough

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Campmoor has been a good source of 1/4" high quality shock cord by the foot. On-line fabric stores (Seattle Fabrics comes to mind) have a good assortment too.

Beads are another story. I would love to find a good source.


PS: Scratch Campmoor. I once ordered from them, but shock cord is no longer listed. Piragis and Rutabaga are other possible sources.


Newfound Woodworks

Craft store
I bought unfinished wood beads at a craft store and dipped them in varithane a few times. I used the stuff with some stain in it and it gives a cool color gradation since it flows slightly on the curved surface. That was for my older boat. Haven’t messed with beads on the new one.

Try Neocorp
They’re my preferred source for polyester cord and bungee.

I buy wood beads at local craft stores (Michael’s, A.C. Moore). I use 19mm (3/4") beads for the perimeter lines and 25mm (1") beads for the bow and stern paddle loops, as the larger bead makes it easier to get a paddle underneath.

Second Neocorp
Great quality “Grip-Rite” bungee. I got the 250’ spool for $37 and have had a million and one uses for it beyond just the kayak.

For the perimeter line I use Bluewater “Nite Line,” which is an accessory cord with a reflective filament. Better still, it’s easily found in a packet containing 40’, which seems to be enough to get the job done on most singles (but measure first to be sure).