Source for double canoe paddles?

What is a good source, and brand, for double canoie paddles?


– Last Updated: Jun-09-05 7:01 AM EST – Ask about a double blade canoe paddle. Special orders/sizes, are no problem.

I’m liking my Aquabound MantaRay!
It grabs lots of water and the face is only slightly curved so backferries are easy. Very light. Around $100. I’ve got a 240, which you probably need to order. They didn’t charge me extra for ‘custom’ length. I got the 2 piece for easy hauling. Good service, good value.

I think a 240 is the longest kayak paddle commonly sold. I may try my 230 in the Sea-1 which is a 28" wide decked canoe but in most canoes you probably want longer.

Mohawk sells three 243, 259, 274 which are certainly worth the price of $50. The 274 works well in my MR Explorer.

Other than that you might have to ask a paddle maker to build you one.

Paddle Hard!


Red Rock Wilderness Store
Lists two Aquabound paddles up to 265 in length.

Shaw and Tenney
in Orono Maine. Their paddles are substantial but are designed specifically for double bladed canoeing with a grabby shape

Long double bladed paddles
Can be made by adding an extender to a 2 piece kayak paddle. I have a both an Old Town & Carlisle 230cm paddle to which I can add either a 12’ or 18" extension. I ususlly opt for the longer one when I sit in the stern seat of my 16’ tandem canoe. Having such a paddle makes me certain of progress when I go out with a non (weak) bow paddler.

The Carlisle paddles are tough but not lightweight. I believe they make some paddles sold by Old Town. Extenders can be found at some boat shops. I ordered one directly from the mfgr.

good 2 piece paddle that’s strong and heavy.


Mitchell, Bending Branches
If you are paddling a solo canoe (30" or less max beam) 240 is a good length. If you want to paddle a canoe >30" wide. You’ll need a 250 or more. Few manufaturers make anything longer than 240.