Source for foam

Minicell (gray or white),standard & medical quality, neoprene, polyethylene, volara, more: full sheets, half sheets, quarter sheets, in thicknesses 1/8" up to 2". Other foams in cylindrical rectangular or other shaped. You can buy it straight or with glue backing.

Have it your way! think of this as a resource not just for customizing your cockpit but for pet beds, liners, sleeping pads, stadium seats, etc.

Get creative, at these prices you can.

If you live near Troy MI 48084 you can pick it up & save shipping. I’ve bid twice their eBay items and saved mucho, mucho $$ on a large single block of minicell 4" thick and now minicell in 1/8", 1/4" sheets w. a round piece of volara. (I’m gonna try to make a cockpit cover out the latter).

Here is the website. On the portal page look left for the link to Closed Cell for neoprene and minicell. Check out the other foam as well.

Nice people, too!

very cool thanks
Microcell in a plethora of sizes. And troy is not a long jaunt for me.

IMO outfitting your yak works much better when customizing from scratch than when using prefabbed pieces.

you’ll find even

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cheaper suppliers if you search Google with 'pe foam' or 'polyethylen foam' or 'closed cell foam' instead of 'minicell' is ok, though-service is good and fast and they don't inflate the shipping costs.

I’m in Michigan
& can drive there from work in 20 minutes, so shipping doesn’t apply. Sales tax, yes :wink:

free foam
Computer parts come packed in boxes and are cushioned with styrofoam or close-cell foam.

I go to places that sell that gear and get the close-cell stuff for free before they toss it away.

The sizes and shapesa re strange but like a puzzle, can be adjusted to your goal.

seller is on eBay too
Besides buying direct: if you like to eBay, this seller has even better deals on auction:

$9.85 won a block of gray minicell 28x14x4"

yes, that is four inches thick.

I’ve seen this elsewhere online for $32.50.

$15.50 won all this:

2 sheets 1/4" gray minicell 70x24 inches

4 sheets 1/8" of same, also 70x24

1 round black Volara foam, 32", 1/2" thick

Imagine how much REI charges for just a sheet (8x12") of minicell, 1/4" or 1/8" - even if they carried minicell in the winter up here.

These are my two actual wins. My only other cost, since I am picking them up, is 6% sales tax.

I think this beats most online prices handily, esp for my Michigan co-paddlers who can pick up their auctions won. :wink:

I’ve received some good advice here, and just wanted to give a little back. Happy weekend to ya.

a useful tip
I love that stuff for temporary boat mounts, glass packing, bootforms, and the like… but it’s not skinsoft like minicell, and doesn’t conform to the body with some “memory” like minicell does.

Also, the majority of those types of packing materials are not closed cell and they behave differently when wet.

For kayak outfitting I still think minicell is the best way to go.

I bought plenty of foam from eBay
…via foam4u. They are, as you say, impeccable to deal with. Highly recommended.

Thanks for the info
I’ve been going to The Foam Factory (in Clinton Twp) and these guys are right next door!

I just happen to need some more 3-4" thick minicell too.