Source for footbrace

I just purchased a great condition used Clipper Tripper. The only thing it is missing the bar for the foot brace. Where can I find a replacement?

That’s where I always got mine. Specify composite so you get the correct rivets.

If the boat has exposed ribs.
Don’t get Wenonah’s foot brace.

I just this morning, finished installing a Wenonah foot brace after much anguish. If their track ends don’t match up with the exposed braces you are in for a lot of do it yourself engineering.

The boat I was putting the foot brace on was a Wenonah Jensen 17, and they told me it would fit.

It didn’t !!

If anyone wants a detailed explanation I’ll gladly give you the details.

I built my own for my old Jensen 17, and had it done in no time. Should have done it for this one too.

Jack L

You drill new holes in the metal
reinforced plate in the rib, rather than trying to re-use the same hole that the old brace track was in.

I learned the hard way and drilled and ground new holes in the sliding rail, rather than drilling new holes in the metal plate in the rib when I replaced the old type rails with holes in them with the new type rail for the sliding brace.

Check with Clipper.
They still use the aluminum foot brace system, I believe.

Sent them an email
Waiting for a response

Impossible to do in this case
The foot brace tracks needed to bridge one lone rib, that is right in the middle of where the tracks go.

Take a look at my other post where I mentioned using wood blocks.

I would have been delighted to do what you suggest, but the tracks and ribs were just not compatable with each other.

Jack L

I’d like the details of your install
I have an older Jensen 18 with a foam rib that the foot brace rails would need to span.