Source for Fusion 124 Spray Skirt

I have just purchased a Future Beach Fusion 124. My first sit in kayak. Where would I find a Spray Skirt for it. The cockpit is 46.24 x 22.25. Being a novice Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Tom

Same boat
I’m in the same boat (literally). I would like to buy a skirt for my Fusion 124 too, but I think the cockpit may be too large.

is this it ? …

Don’t see that this was resolved
The Harmony “FUSION FULL SKIRT, BLACK, 49/23­” seems to fit, a little tight near the shoulders but the only full skirt I’ve found that fits.

Any other, better fitting skirts out there?

Responding to this because it’s the thread that came up searching Google for a skirt for the 124 which is a new addition to my collection.