Source for NDK Recessed Deck Fittings?

I’m trying to find a source for NDK RDFs. I want to add a couple of RDFs on the foredeck of my Aquanaut and the NDK ones do no require a recess. I might also add a couple to my Romany.

I think they do
require a recess. Good luck trying to get them from Nigel.

I think Valley manufacturers some. NM

E-mail ndk or get in touch with a dealer. VF

trying to get them from Nigel…

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I've had my exchanges over the years trying to get things from Nigel -- enough said ;-)

The NDK dealers with whom I've checked don't have the NDK fittings. Valley's standard fittings require a molded indent in the deck. Their ones that don't are surface mounted and stick above the deck. NDK RDFs do not require a recess just drilling a hole. Not all NDK boats have NDK RDFs. Many Explorers and Romanys have Valley RDFs.

Someone was kind enough to send me this link for RDFs which should work as I wish:

QCC Kayaks
QCC uses those fittings and years ago they sold me some for a homebuilt boat I was building. I don’t know if they will still sell them, but if they might work then it might be worth giving them a call.

Thank you
If I don’t hear back from VKV, I’ll contact QCC.

VKV US dealer for deck fittings…
… is I.M.C. Services (I’m assuming you found this already, posting for general info).

Yup, I have, thanks

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Once I was informed I remember your noting these RDFs and previously providing the link. Age or fatigue had clouded my memory ;-)

QCC replied quickly
I emailed both the offical dealer for the RDFs and QCC. QCC reponded quickly and I am ordering from them.