Source for neoprene hatch covers

Just bought a Perception Sea Lion and it needs the front neoprene hatch cover. Perception told me to contact my local dealer. Very little cooperation from my local dealers. Anyone have any suggestions for an online source? I have the perception part number. It is an extra small cover. I may actually prefer a non-perception cover, since Perception covers seem hard to put on if the rear cover is typical. Anyone made their own with neoprene and shock cord instead of neoprene and a band of rubber? Any other suggestions?


I made a c-1 cockpit cover from
neoprene and shock cord, which involves the same approach you would need.

Now, first a decision. If you want a really long-lasting cover, you should get neoprene with nylon on two sides. However, it is quicker and easier to make a cover from nylon-one-side neoprene.

Your shock cord should be 1/8" to 3/16" in diameter. First step is to pull a length around below the hatch lip and cut it with enough extra so you can knot it. It is easier to knot it when it is off the hatch, striving to get a ring that will be tight but not super-tight.

Next, you lay a piece of neoprene over the hatch, smooth side >up< if you are going one-sided. Then pull the shock cord loop down over the neoprene, and adjust the neoprene so the tension over the hatch opening is even and not excessive.

Next you cut some strategic acute triangular slivers in the excess neoprene, and using your neoprene cement (from a dive shop is best), start glueing the neoprene tabs back over the neoprene covering the hatch opening. Whether you use one sided or two sided neoprene, be patient, follow instructions, and let it dry properly before pressing the tabs down. There is no way for you to apply pressure from the other side, so the glue procedure is crucial.

You will need only a slightly larger gap for the knot in the shock cord. When gluing is done, you carefully take the cover off, and then reverse it. Now all the glue tabs are underneath, and if your boat is like my Necky, the plastic cover will buckle down over the neoprene, applying a sealing pressure against the hatch opening.

I do not expect such a cover to be as leakproof as the factory stitched variety, but I hope it will serve with only minimal leaking.

I’m in the same boat
I have an Aquaterra Poly Sealion, and I need to replace both neoprene covers too. Yep - - Perception told me to go to my local dealer. Last time I went, the dealer said to contact Perception - - - Didn’t think much of the assistance or lack thereof.

I know the dealer has many associates, so I’ll be tryng there again.

Found local seller of neoprene
Found a local supplier of double sided nylon coated neoprene. $32 for 36x51 piece which should be enough for 4 large covers. I hadn’t thought of gluing while on the hatch. Good idea. I’ve made a lot of kayak and C-1 skirts out of vinyl so it shouldn’t be a very difficult job.

My Sea Lion too
nees a front hatch cover and when dealing with it might a well replace both covers since the kayak is circa 1985…surely there is a company that you can send a template to and they produce a neoprene cover…i just dont have time to be crafty.

Been there done that…
I purchased an old Diamante that needed new neoprene hatch inserts. I contacted:

They were great to work with…AND expedient. Give them a call and they will custom build a cover for you once you send a tracing to them.


seals skirts
Seals Skirts will make custom hatch covers too. In fact, they are the ones who built the neoprene hatch covers that Current Designs used on their poly boats before switching to tupperware.

MountainSurf or ImmersionResearch
may also do custom work.

Great - - I’ll try them next
Them maybe Seals too

Give Snap Dragon a call?