Source for Printed NOAA Charts

It’s time to buy a new chart for my home waters. The one in my closet is nearly 15 years old! I’m looking for advice/recommendations for vendors of printed NOAA charts, the big ones that you’d lay out on your table to plot trips. I know about the free booklet versions and I really don’t want to get into the mechanics of downloading and adjusting the raster charts.

I used the chart locator on the NOAA site and the first page of authorized agents don’t list any products. A couple of vendors-when you click thru to their sites— specify “not for navigational purposes” which seems to defeat the purpose. If you use a vendor and they are good and reliable, please share. None of the names look familiar to me except one in CT and that’s the one with the “not for navigation” disclaimer on the ordering page.

Maybe looks like they are committed to the cause!

Is the waterproofing worth it?

I think West Marine has a print on demand setup.

If you don’t need the specific charts, but need the navigation function of chart-like ptoducts, I’ve used Fish-n-map products as lower cost options. Fishing Maps for the Westen U.S. with underwater topography for freshwater and saltwater structure fishing

I purchased some Great Lakes NOAA charts from MapShop 2 years ago. I was happy with the order & delivery.

I suspect that the answer depends on how you will be using the chart.

thank you

I have only purchased CHS charts (Canadian), however I took that “Not for navigational purpose” disclaimer to just be for the preview pictures themselves, and not the actual map products.

I apologize if the disclaimer you mention is definitely for the printed chart… I have not seen that on the Canadian dealers that I use. Just the web previews of the charts.

I agree that a chart that can’t be used for navigational purpose defeats the purpose of a chart! Would still look nice on a wall I suppose…

I went with map shop. I’ll see how it works out.

I think “not for navigational purposes” gets printed on anything that isn’t fairly strictly controlled. For example, printing it on tyvek:

Tyvek®: printed on a durable, foldable, water- and tear proof material, *not intended to meet U.S. or IMO carriage requirements.

I’m not sure what exactly is stated in carriage requirements and how. But it doesn’t include tyvek, so the disclaimer is required. I bought a couple tyvek charts from nauticalchartsonline a few months ago. I don’t see a difference other than material. The ones I download and print always state this. But if you’re careful not to mess up the dimensions by “stretching” the picture one way or the other, it’s good. But the disclaimer will still be there.
Does anyone know how this strict disclaimer has come about? I’ve always found it interesting, but have never drilled down to real answers.

I often obtained topo maps from the local National Geo Survey Office. I believe they were printed to scale by the US Gov Printing Office. Since the Agency offering digital downloads of a chart or map does not control the printing process, I assume they would not accept responsibility for scale accuracy and issue a disclaimer.