Source for Rock Guard and "InfinFerrule

I am building my own paddle (wood)and I am aware that the rugged tips used to protect the wood —what Bending Branch calls “Rockgard” – is a polyurethane material (not epoxy). Does anyone know where to find that material? Also, the Ferrules for a two piece paddle which are “infinately adjustable” such as is found in Werner paddles is super cool. Does anyone know a source to purchase that type of carbon fiber ferrule? THANKS!

If you like it buy it.
If you like the Werner ferrule, why note buy one complete with shaft and blades?

I wouldn’t feel the need to go with BBs polyurethane necessarily. I think a good liquid epoxy would work great.

I don’t know of a source for adjustable ferrules. Werner’s is proprietary, so you’re probably out of luck trying to get that one. There are some I’ve seen that are used by several companies like Current Designs’ Leverlock. Maybe give them a call?