Source for seat hardware

After reading some of the posts here I have decided to lower the seats in my OT Penobscot 16. I would like to drop them about 2 additional inches. To do so I will need stainless or brass bolts about 8 inches long.

Anyone know a source for seat bolts that long?

have a look

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or try their homepage

I use,43715&p=45375

'E' together with threaded rods. Works fine.

McMaster Carr
Has just about anything in fasteners. not bad price either.

Or give Swift Canoe an email. I’ve bought some there in the past.


try here
Essex Industries

I dont see
where they have the 8 inch bolts

I called
i called and they do not have any bolts longer than 6 inch. Like I said no one makes them. Or well I have not found anyone who does keep looking

Thanks for all your replies
I believe the threaded rod is the way I will go with this project because I also have not found any bolts longer han 6 inches.