Source for Solas Reflective Strips???

Anyone know a place online to buy Solas reflective tape strips?

I used to be able to find them at West Marine but recall that the search engine on their site was really sensitive to the wording that was used and they would only come up with the exact key words…they’re not coming up for me now but maybe I am just not using the right key word.

Anyone have a link or another site where I can buy them from? I’m talking about the little adhesive strips that you can put on your boat.



here ya go

Here too

Go to the Source of SOLAS

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Genuine 3M SOLAS Reflective Tapes i.e. SOLAS
(Safety Of Life At Sea)

Got Plenty
Hey Matt

How much do you need? I’ve got a 4" wide roll.

See you on the water,


The River Connection, Inc.

Hyde Park, NY

Identitape also has
reflective tape in colors (non-SOLAS). I ahve added yellow strips to my QCC deck and black (yes, black!) to my B/G Bell Magic.