Source for Valley hatch covers?

The round hatch cover on my Valley Avocet has come apart. Does anyone know a good (read cheap) source for Valley hatch covers? I’ve done some searching and it looks like ~$39 is the going rate. Wondering if anyone here knows of a cheaper source.

  • Jasen.

    P.S. I took the boat out on Sunday in the VA Beach area. Strong onshore breeze plus waves from Beryl made for 2’-4’ waves and surf on the beach. I had a great time bobbing up and down, frolicking in the rough water. It’s the first time I’ve played in water like that. A spray skirt would have been nice as a fair bit of water came over the bow and back into the cockpit. But the water was warm and I didn’t roll.

Support your local paddling shop and
stop thinking cheap.

There are at least two sizes of Valley covers, so which are you referring to?

We replaced two of ours and it was over a hundred bucks but the shop recaulked the bulkhead for free.

That is how the interaction between shop and customer should go…not seeking cheaper for no service.

jasenj look at buying a Sea Lect cover.
The initial price might be the same but it will last longer than the Valley cover.

That’s as cheap as you’ll find
If you really want to save money, get a trash bag and a bungee. Of course, you’ll get what you pay for.

$39 is about as cheap as you’ll find a hatch cover. That’s not a lot of money when you consider the safety aspect of maintaining positive bouyancy. Which you especially need if you’re not using a sprayskirt.

will it float?

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Those are ABS plastic. Not the same thing. Of course, cheap is everything, right Jaws?

Jasen: when it cracks or sinks, or the gasket peels out, consider ponying up the extra $8 or getting a kajaksport hatch and a tether (and paying an additional couple of dollars).

ABS vs polycarb?
The Sea Lect site claims their hatches are made of “injection-molded polycarbonate and high-grade rubber for strength and durability”.

I figured I’d just go with the Valley cover, but now I have choices! Aie.

I guess since this is a throw away
society he should just go with the Valley’s and replace them when they rot instead of buying the Sea Lect’s and possibly never having to buy them again. Then again Sea Lect if I read their web sight right said their made here in the U.S. So what were you preaching about buying local Slush?

Valleys wont rot if you 303 them
yes it did take me a set to learn that.

Geez… the poor guy just wants a few hatch covers not a grilling.

Tough crowd over here.

not so simple
The OP isn’t being grilled, it’s those who suggest a cheaper alternative who’re being grilled.

Having a set rot on me, I can understand the motivation to get a cheaper or better or more durable replacement.

That said, I must say the Valley hatch cover are extremely good in terms of performance. It seals tight (bone dry) and still opens without having finger of steel (as some other brands). I just wish it’s more durable, especially given the high price.

So the discussion is very well timed. Keep them coming!

SeaLect better than Valley?
I use to hear Valley hatch covers rot and I thought maybe the US guys have high levels of pollution or something that makes that happen…

Now, I have the same problem and I wanted an alternative to forking out a bunch of greenbacks every so often to keep my kayaks ship shape (I have several kayaks with VCP covers).

I tested some Sea-Lect ones and needless to say they blow the VCP out of the water.

The install is so much easier and fast and the seal is positvely leakproof.

Watch the comparison video here:

Local doesn’t carry what I need.
I stopped by my local shop.

  1. They don’t carry 8" covers.
  2. They could get one from another store for $68.

    So as much as I like supporting local merchants, a $30 difference on a $40 item is a bit steep. And I can mail order from The Kayak Centre in RI for $40 - who is a local shop, just not local to me.

    I like the idea of a leash, and I see the Kajak Sport and Sea Lect have leash holes.

    Curse you Internet for giving me too many choices.

my VCP covers are bone-dry also
…and they float. The ndk/kajaksport covers? Dry AND easy to remove.

I have to admit those look more flexible than I’d imagined by the website description.

Been covered before.

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I see this topic has been gone over before, and many of the sources recommended are the same ones I've found on my own. The biggest thread I found was from `10, so I guess a Valley hatch cover thread every year or so is about right.

Thanks for the help, I think I'll mail-order a Sea Lect cover. It's not much cheaper than a Valley cover, but I don't see anything indicating Valley has changed the formula or design of their covers. I'd rather not roll the dice and hope I get one that lasts.

Chesapeake Light Craft has the 8" round covers for $33+$9 shipping. That's the best total price I found, and I like CLC.

Nice video…
I looked at the Sea-Lect site and I got the impression the hatch covers came only as a kit with the rim piece.

Are the covers available separately and they fit the factory Valley rims?

If so, I see a change coming for my Nordkapp RM which doesn’t come from the factory with tethered hatch covers.

Whose bright idea was that?!

without rims
You can get them without rims.

I just replaced all of my vcp covers on my impex force 5 with SeaLect.


I’ve never geeked out on hatch covers before now.

SeaLect fits Valley rims
SeaLect covers fit my Valley (composite) rims. The round one is just so easy to install and can not be dislodged accidentally when doing over the back deck rescues (one must grab the tab to remove it, and only by pulling vertically). The oval hatches don’t need to have the lip pressed down all around to make them secure in dynamic waters. As shown in the video it takes less time and the covers are really secure.

Ah, and they come in colors too.

I will have to order some red ones to match my kayak.

I have been using a Sealect round day hatch cover for quite awhile now and really like it. It was hard to put on at first until I put some 303 on it. It seals well and I believe it will outlast the Valley cover. I have two of the ovals on order now.

SeaLect vs. Valley
I have 4 boats - two with valley hatches and one with SeaLect (Valley) covers. I like them both. In the Summer the SeaLects go on fine - always totally watertight etc. In the winter, the Sealects are a bitch to get on because they get quite stiff. I have replaced many Valley covers and only time will tell if the SeaLects outlast them. Sraying the seal area on selects with silicone (303 / armoral etc) helps a lot.

Not true
They will rot no matter what you do. Using 303 may help, but it won’t prevent rot.