Source to sea descent Volga River Russia

In 2014 I made a solo source to sea paddling descent of the Volga River in Russia, Europe’s longest river at around 2300 miles. I was just blown away by how beautiful the river itself was and the people were just so friendly and amazing as well. Even during the tough times it was hard not to love this river. If anyone is keen to give it a crack let me know. Finishing up a bit of a guidebook to paddling it soon. Check out my thoughts from the river in this clip. A magic 71 days on river.

Checked out the video…
looks like a great experience. Did you take any still photos during your travels?

Still photos
Hey Rookie, magic paddle! I sure did take a bunch of images. They are sort of floating all around. There are some on one of my websites as well as a few in this article I wrote for Sidetracked Mag