Source to the Sea

These guys are ‘doin it’

It’s got to be chilly…

Sounds like a great adventure! It will be fun to follow their progress - thanks for posting the link!

"Remains of a River"
If you haven’t seen it, here’s the full film posted a few weeks ago – an amazing trip report that will make you think.

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Friend Mark is doing Source to Sea of the 7-longest rivers on all 7 continents. He just finished N. Americas longest river system from Browers SPring Montana to the Gulf of Mexico.

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They’re right West of my old hometown Pinedale, WY. The Green is very low except in the spring. I’ve been to its source many times on pack trips. I wonder how they’re getting down that tiny canyon creek, or if they started at the lakes. I’d love to be with them, but seems late in the year.