Sources for Rudder Wheels/Yokes

Looking to decrease the steering ratio on a ruddered boat, so would like to decrease the diameter of the wheel from the stock 80mm. to a 60 mm. (roughly 3" reduced to 2.5"). Does anyone have any sources for smaller wheels that use the standard 4 flat shaft? I found one in GB but between the exchange rate and shipping, it’s pretty expensive. The smaller diameter would allow for more rudder actuation:cable travel.

A suggestion was to fabricate a yoke a la the Huki boats, but I’ve yet to figure out how to cut a square hole in stock that would support rudder loads. Huki uses a hexagonal shaft, so their yoke won’t work. I’m also wondering about surf ski rudder yokes that might work that use the square shaft. Any sources?



*Stickman, realized placed this in the wrong forum so moved thread. Thanks for the response/suggestion for the machine shop. This would certainly be an option, but may run me more than what I was hoping to spend. Cheaping out first, ponying up second…

Pat at ONNO
paddles could probably help you.