souris river prospector -vs- Starfire

Does anyone have an idea on how the Prospector paddles over the Starfire?

I have a L.P. Starfire but would like a similar boat that would allow a tandum paddler more readly.

Any advice would be great.


Always wanted a Starfire. Are you
saying that it has capacity only for a couple of paddlers and nothing more?

16ft Souris River Prospector/Starfire
The Starfire is great for me as a solo tripping canoe. With myself at 200lbs and a lite bow paddler the boat is great even with a full load of gear.

It gets a little bogged down with two large adults, and the bow paddling station is a bit crampt for an adult male.

I had the cance to look at a Souris River Trailhead Prospector at Red Rock last spring. The outfitter was very hesitant with me taking it for a test paddle (end of march).

Looking at the boat it seems to have the same ammount of rocker or a little more that my Starfire.

Apples to apples the caone sould handle similarly, but allow an extra ammount of capacity/room for a tandam paddler.

The Starfire is the most fun canoe that I’ve paddled to date. There is a post on the product review page indicating that they may still bring the mold back into produciton.

I sue hope they do; it’s a great boat.


Souris River 16 ft Prospector

16ft Souris River Prospector/Starfire
Check with Charlie at Placid Boat Works. I’m almost certain that they are building several Starfires as we speak. Maybe they can add one more to the production schedule.

there is a mint one
black gold in SC just about ready for sale.

Between the StarFire and the Prospector there is no comparison. One is a sportscar and the other a truck.

The StarFire is hard for beginning paddlers. It requires a good paddling technique to track well.

The Prospector is more forgiving. However its a larger volume boat and more sluggish on maneuvers.

The StarFire does seem to ride low with over 350 lbs. The Prospector is designed to carry at least that much. So the former would be for weekend trips with lighter paddlers.

Agree: its a fun solo for the larger paddler or one with a loong solo trip to equip.