Souris river Quetico 17

I live in a small town without much options and someone is selling a Quetico 17 for 2200CAD but I got it down for 1700CAD. He said there’s some wear on bow and stern plates and he applied epoxy to it but other than that he said it’s fine. I’m new to this canoeing stuff. What do you guys think? Maybe should I wait for something else to pop up, or are the cracks not a big deal. Or maybe I can try a little project and put skid plates on it?
Since I’m a new user I can only post one image it seems

Souris River for some strange reason I don’t get uses internal skid plates. They show up nicely in the photo
Just epoxy a little. if the kevlar is exposed. Otherwise nothing to worry about
Good price

They are great canoes.
Sometimes you just have to pay the market price.