Souris River Trailhead Prospector

Anyone out there own or have paddled this canoe?

I was wondering how much rocker it has.

Looking for a high cap. solo/tandum river tripping canoe to accompany my starfire.


Only briefly . . .
I only test-drove one for a few minutes. It was fantastic.

I would rate the rocker as fairly high, relative to other prospector designs. It seemed to be similar to the Wenonah (or the original Chestnut I guess).

Compared to the Novacraft I owned, this version was a bit more lively (I loved it, and look forward to the day I can have one).

SR Trailhead Prospector
I test paddled one of these and liked it very much. It was great solo or tandem. I paddled one on a lake and believe it would really shine on a river. It seemed to track reasonably well and turned on a dime. I would rate it excellent as a solo/tandem (34" wide). Great boat, light to carry but prone to wind movement on open water. I ended up buying a SR Quetico 17 instead. More stable. Decisions/Decisions! Sometimes I think of the prospector fondly.