Souris River Tranquility Solo

I’ve been searching for a used SR Tranquility Solo for almost a year now. Doesn’t anybody (who owns one) EVER sell this canoe ?


– Last Updated: Jan-19-04 3:38 PM EST –

I did know where there had been couple in Canada for sale for a long time. Just looked and they are gone. Sorry!


You don’t see many around that’s for sure. Red Rock Store in Ely, MN is a dealer for them. He is also an outfitter so maybe he has an end of season Tranquility to sell. But then again, when I have heard of other people renting a solo from him, he has outfitted them with a SR Quetico 16. So maybe he doesn’t have them either. Here’s the website

Another place to keep an eye on is Spring Creek Canoe.