Souris River Tranquility

hi again, folks. I’m still researching solo canoes and am very interested in the Souris River Tranquility. As far as I can tell, it should be more than adequate for my large size and the design sounds like it would be good for my mostly flatwater day tripping, fishing, and week long trips. That said, I don’t see any local dealers or demo possibilities. If anyone is interested in sharing what they know about this canoe, that would be great. I’m especially planning to compare it to the Wenonah Prism and the Swift Shearwater.

Any ideas where to demo or buy one within driving distance of upstate NY?



I owned one briefly but sold it. Workmanship is very good but the bow attains “fullness” quickly and the result for me was a rather hard paddling slow ride. it was truly my least favorite out of the Bell Merlin II, Swift Osprey, Mad River Independence. I still own the Osprey which I will keep until I die as I enjoy nimble boats with a lot of secondary stability. You might do better with a Wenonah Prism or a Swift Shearwater. The Bell Magic is also a winner for many people. Dont ignore Dave Curtis boats at Hemlock Canoe. The workmanship is superb and the Peregrine would be a good choice. He is a real craftsman and you can give him a call although I think he is out of town right now.


Diane, in looking at your profile Dave Curtis is up your way in Hemlock New York. What a great opportunity for you!


Thanks, Bob. I’m really looking forward to meeting Dave and trying out a Peregrine and an SRT. Hoping to demo them next week if they’re back from the family vacation. I’m lucky to live so close!

Dave Curtis
I know he used to demo his boats every Thursday at Mendon ponds,(5:30pm till dusk) but I’m not sure if he still does it. Give him a call or email & see what he says. He’s a great guy & builds very nice boats.

i tryed the tranquility also
and found it to be slow also , i found it hard to get it up to crusing speed and maintain speed with it . On the possitive side it had good secondary stability and turned well , not to mention it’s a nice looking canoe and quality is good .Anyhow I ended up buyng a prism and have found I can keep up with most tamdems and feel more comfortable in it . havent tryed a bell magic but just from looking at the hull design I think it would be excelent choice also. Happy paddling ,