South branch of PM?

Anyone paddled the Big South Branch of the Pere Marquette from Ruby Creek (Washington Road) to Anthony Road? Hearing it’s a two-hour float by tube and I know there are a series of wing-dams created for trout habitat. Taking a tandem canoe. Just curious if anyone has advice on this stretch?

I’d like to go from Washington Road all the way to the main branch this year since we’re at record highs. I know that it gets pretty marshy at the confluence…

Haven’t been down it since 2013.

We did the river from Dickenson as a late March trip for about 7 years or so. If I remember the section you are interested in, it seemed to be pretty quick & seemed to be kept open. We gave up on running out the main branch & Custer Rd. after the first year - way too much of a slog with down trees. We were finding more & more portages due to fallen trees so found other rivers to run then. Wasn’t worth the effort and risk.

Here is the lower section:

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Looks about right. Damn I love that branch, though!