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Backwoods TriP
Man just got back from the backwoods trip,It was the best ever .Canoed over hicked in a Kiled the Big Blues and striper,and hugh 2-3 lb bream!!!

Nice size bream, any pictures?

Bill, fished in Hot Springs AR last summer was great,injoyed the trip and the fish. LIve in NC and have been lazy this year. My wife and I both kayak and camp.

Would love to see a picture of the bream
My largest was a 1 lb bream on fly out of a small Central Texas river…chartreuse popping bug, size 10 back when fly rods were still mostly fiberglass or bamboo. That was quite a tussle keeping her headed out of the brush pile she was hiding in in the middle of the river. Thought I had a 5 lb bass. Better eating than a bass.


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Not many good pics from trip I had a camara but i got wet,Thats three.

Any hoot here is one of a 10 inch fish Jason took before cleaning for the pan.

The bigger ones were really ugly,with the big knoty heads.

Small Bream

Nice Blue

1lb bream
Yes sir the do fight like no bodies business,

I love the 40+ Blues Myself,although I love to fish with 5-8 inch bream and crappies.

Good luck,Come to Caolina,Give us a call.

Would love to, but you are 1100 miles
from my door.

Stripers are up in Cedar Creek area now and they have some weight.Two nice ones this evening both over 10 lbs,both on live gizzard shad 6 inch long.Both caught on Carolinas rigs in 8 to 10 ft of water just south of power lines.

Fellow fishing below Possum
Kingdom Lake on the Brazos caught a hybrid that went almost 18 lbs, water body record, from his kayak. Of course, he’s a former guide on the lake and river so knows where the big ones congregate.

Nice,I hope to get a hugh one soon.

For hybrids, anything over 10 is
pretty big. Stripers over 20 or so begin to get in that range. I’d be happy with 5 lb ones, gonna have to start fishing below the dam of Lake Livingston. There’s now both a freshwater and saltwater population. The later makes a run upstream to breed. Not many of them though.


Nice fish.

Hopefully this year will be as good last year!!!

Tonight on Wateree
Went out for 3 hour and got 70+lbs blue catfish!

One more

Now that is a catfish
You caught it rod and reel? Love catching blues.

Rod and reel
Yes we use light rods and 20lb test line.

If any one wants to come get some big ones we are ready,have 28ft pontoon setup for fishing and you wont get cold or hot 8x8 cabin with heat and A/C this summer.Handicapped welcome special rate for them.


Captain Bill Team Flopeye

Listen to this R rated some bad words This was the 30 lber sorry the video is so dark,