South Central NH Kayak rivers for a good day trip

We are novice kayakers, as are our friends with whom we have kayaked the Battenkill in NY a few times. Not sure what it would “rate” from a rapids/experience, but I’d call it moving, “ripply” water when we were there (LOL). We had fun.

Anyway, we are in South Central NH and would love to find a place to kayak with them and are trying to organize a good spot. We have our own kayaks.

Ideally, would be a guided 4-6 hour trip with nature stops. Otherwise, a place we could kayak for a good 4 + hours and not get in over our heads (read beginner/intermediate level). Any place from just north of the whit mountains to the MA state line is doable. Southern Maine as well, for that matter.

Would have to be the weekend of Aug 7-8. I know that Great Glen Trails does guided trips, but looks like they have a mountain bike event that weekend unfortunately.

Thanks for any tips!!!

Check out Contoocook River Canoe Co - despite the name they do kayaks as well as canoes. Just north of Concord.

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Ditto on the Contoocook River Canoe Co, great place.

It isn’t clear from your posting if you want quiet water or water with some movement.

We like moderately moving water. Thanks for the tips…

Ahhh, the Contoocook River Company’s standard offering is a very slow moving river.