South NJ BCCC Classes?

Does anyone from the SJ area know anything about kayak stroke instruction and rolling classes held in the pool at Burlington County Community College? I was told about them by folks at the shop I’ve purchased my boats from. I found a web page with some info on them, but seems out of date, and there’s no info for registration, etc.

I’m hoping to take some winter pool instruction this year, without driving 60+ minutes away. So any info anyone can offer would be great!



A more thorough
search yielded some better information. I found info at the Paddle Shack’s website on these classes for Winter 2008. Link here for anyone interested:

There are links to the 2008 class schedule below the descriptions of the rolling class and open pool time.


I will forward you the info
that you need. Chris Raab, one of the instructors, sent me his “newsletter” just last night. I know of many many satisfied paddlers from JSSKA that have taken advantage of these lessons at BCCC.

Jeff Pringle

Thanks for sharing the info, that will be really helpful.