South Padre Yak Fishers?

Anyone have contact with anyone from South Padre area who yak fishes, and could help a friend from Alaska (Read my report for more info) get access and knowledge for the South Padre area around New Years.

I owe this guy some serious pay back for his hospitality, and am going to get him a contact if it kills me…


Good website
If you have not already sent it to him I would recommend looking at

I am in Corpus Christi so I am not as familiar with South Padre Island. If he is interested at all in the Corpus Christi area (120 miles north of South Padre Island) I can help him out some and refer him to a couple of the kayak fishing experts in this area.

Slow Ride Guide Service specializes in kayak fishing and Dean is a member of the Wilderness Systems Pro staff. Although his guide service is in the Corpus area he does kayak fishing tournaments so I am sure he has good info on South Padre Island.

E-mail me if I can do more for you.


Thanks for the heads up …
I will contact you later… I was also going to post this at the site you mentioned too…

I just posted here first, hoping to hear from Yak.Canfish or Reefmonkey…Since they are both P-Net fishermen from Houston area that I have gotten to know here for a couple of years… Thought they might know someone specific…


I’ll second Dean
He’s one of the best kayak fishing guides on any coast. He may not guide in that area, but knows everyone in the business if you want a guide. If going it alone, there’s no better place to ask than on the website. Be patient, its a very large website, as big as kayakfishingstuff.