Southeast Canoe Trip

I have a spare week in July and I would like to take a 3 or 4 day canoe trip. I live in North Alabama and I would prefer something within 200-250 miles of here. Any ideas or good suggestions for creeks/rivers to paddle and camp?



That’s a tough one, because we are
sinking into a drought right now. Normally I would suggest one of the larger rivers flowing down through southern AL or through the FL panhandle, but if the drought holds, you will have difficulty finding a stretch with enough water flowing to get a three day trip, much less four. You might check with “georgiakayaker” because he has done several Atlanta to the ocean trips down different river systems.

If conditions were better, the Cahaba or the Black Warrior system above the barge traffic would be possibilities.

In your back yard

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The Coosa and Alabama always have plenty of water and there are plenty of places to do a 3-4 day trip.

The blog on my website will give you info on the 851 mile trip I took in 2006 during low water and didn't have enough problems to complain about even at the headwaters on the Etowah.

If you decide to do this river system I can give you plenty of info. Just ask.

...and if you want some company Josh I may have some free days in July.

or "Come on over" and go down the Chattahoochee.

Even in July all of these mentioned rivers have plenty of water to paddle. I paddle the Etowah and Chattahoochee year round.

Paddlin' on

water trail in alabama
A good article in the NY Times ,last friday.

Its about a new water trail in Alabama . I would be wary of going down there , being northern , but it

sounds nice . The link is

Check out the Florida Coast
You may want to look into the Florida Circumnatigation Saltwater Paddling Trail. This encompasses the entire coast of Florida from Pensacola to Jacksonville via Key Largo. You can break this into sections and experience both wilderness and urban paddling. Lots of camping opportunities, particularly along the Gulf Coast. There is plenty of access and if you need to bail out at any time, you can do so. For a paddler with limited experience, the section from Carrabelle Beach to St Marks might be a good choice. To extend your trip you could also begin at many points to the west of Carrabelle all the way to Pensacola. Some of the areas might test your skills however.

For a more urban trip but still with camping opportunities, you could put in near Crystal River and head south toward Naples. South of Naples you get into the Everglades and this section requires considerable navigation and wilderness skills.

After making the turn north, you get into the relatively urban sections from Miami to Melbourne. Less camping, more hotels. Its fun, but powerboats may be a concern. From Melbourne north to the end of the trail can be quite scenic and you are somewhat cooled be Atlantic waters.

For all of this, assess your skill, use your head, and take plenty of drinking water even though opportunities for resupply are frequent.

Check this out at

overnight trip
im in the dark as to where to go, i’ve been looking myself. the last couple of days i’ve been hearing and reading about “alabama scenic river trail” hopeing to be able to check it out. let me know what you come up with, have been wanting to do a two to three day trip myself.

Check you e-mail

Thanks for the e-mails. hopeing to hear more.


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i have been thinking about taking a trip soon as well and after a recent trip down a local river (the Middle Oconee in Athens GA), i noticed, that even with recent rain, the river is still really low. considering that we would be much more loaded down, with camping gear, i've pondered going lake camping; finding an island or two to set up camp. lakes are low as well, but it may be easier paddling.

i've never lake camped before and know that there will be power boats and high winds (likely) to deal with, but that could be a consideration.

july trip
I’m also trying to get a trip up the early part of july, get in touch and maybe we will have a good size bunch of paddlers going down a river. I know three or four other guys that want to go.