Southern Arizona paddling: day trips to Pena Blanca & Lake Patagonia

I’m retired and living in Tubac, Arizona. I’m interested in meeting other experienced paddlers for relaxed day paddles on some of our local lakes. I have paddled Pena Blanca and Patagonia, and I have visited Arivaca and Parker, but haven’t paddled either. I’m also interested in heading up to Canyon Lake and possibly arranging a trip to Topock Gorge or Glen Canyon. Looking forward to meeting other locals.

We paddled most of those areas, though usually as a two night camp trip.
We’re nomadic, so not truly local, but just spent the last two years in the Tucs vicinity.
Have also done both Canyon and Saguaro lakes and really like them, again as a multi-night camp trip, as well as Bartlett.
We always felt that since good water was so far away we would take the time while there to enjoy it.
Thought we might be able to paddle a lot of the Colorado below Hoover this past winter but life made a hard right turn for a few months instead.
Currently we’re in SoCal but plan on being back in the area in June for a bit and then heading up above the rim.

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I’ll actually be in California until mid-June but would love to meet for a paddle, if you would like, once you return to the area. I live in Tubac so both Pena Blanca and Patagonia are close to home for me. Do you kayak in Northern Arizona? Your photos are lovely.