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Hi Everyone,

I just ordered an Advanced Elements hybrid kayak, and I’m anxious to start exploring Southern California’s waters. Is there a website that any one knows about dedicated to this sport in the Southland? I have searched the internet and have had very little luck with finding this information. Also the books dedicated to kayaking in the Los Angeles basin are minimal. Any pointers or help would be much appreciated.




Southern CA

Find your local kayak dealer and club and make the contacts there. It will save you much time because you will meet the people who enjoy what you are after.

I may be coming down your way soon and I can get us on the military bases at Pendleton and San Diego. Great water and good service.

Doug in Stockton.

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Canoeing Southern California
Good morning.

IT depends on what type of conditions you’re looking for. If its mountains and flatwater, try Big Bear, but be ready for a lot of company. If its only mountains, try Silverwood. Desert areas provide for some good flatwater with limited foilage. Diamond valley, Salton Sea, Lakes in and around San Diego, et al. Costal regions have some good stuff, but the surroundings are sparse, and they are often crowded. The coast it self provides lots of opportunities…but I recommend taking some guided trips at first so you can learn the currents, winds, tides, and ocean anomalies. The best get-aways for us is to practice locally and then take trips to areas near Yosemite, Shaver, and Tahoe. That’s when things start getting good for us down here.

Visit a Sprots Chalet, REI, or some such retailer and pick up a book on recreational waterways in Southern California.



Getting away from hordes of PWCs
might be a challenge in SoCal.

If I remember correctly, isnt one of the lakes up Tejon pass off limits to PWCs? Pyramid Lake maybe? Castaic?

It does get windy up there.

The only place I’ve paddled in SoCal was in Newport Harbor, there are several free launch points.