Southern/Central AZ newbie seeks paddling companion

Hi folks: I am very very new to kayaking, have a few lessons and outfitted trips under my belt, and just bought my first SOT kayak (not inflatable). Come to the sport as an experienced hiker and backpacker; mid 50’s female in Southern AZ. Will travel around the state, prefer lake paddling for the time being. I’m seeking a paddling buddy, preferably someone(s) also a bit of a newbie, or someone willing to be patient with my ignorance! I work f/t so I am a weekend only paddler. Please PM me if you are interested. Thanks much.

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We also paddle the 'Zona. I have years of river paddling (not ww) but my lady is fairly new. We usually combine our paddling w/ multi night camping. We’re also geared up for backpacking but paddle more often.
Unfortunately weekend vending is part of our income so our weekends are often booked (plus there’s crazies on the water then :flushed:), but who knows.

If you need any input about the waters and or boat-in camp spots within a couple+ hours of Tucs let me know.
I also know that there is another lady down Parker lake area that was looking for people to paddle w/ , so she may respond as well.

There is a large kayaking club called Southern Arizona Paddling Club, though the name might have changed. I met one of their members where I was camping. He was doing a solo paddle before joining the rest of the group the next day. I saw them on the water—big enough that the group split up into two groups.

Minutes after they launched, someone had already capsized in calm conditions, so apparently they have beginners in the club.