Southern FLA paddling

I will be taking a roadtrip to Southern Florida in February. Never been there. If a guy had a few weeks to camp and paddle in Keys, or South Florida, where is a good place to go? Nice canoeing areas? I don’t have a clue. I’m taking my Merlin and want to get it wet.

Any suggestions and advice on South Florida Canoeing will be appreciated.

Do you like nature ?
First the Florida Keys except for John Pennekamp State park on Key Largo is not the best place for canoes unless it is a windless day in which case they would be fabulous.

If you do like nature, then The Everglades National Park is the place for you.

At the southern end, entering from Homestead, Nine mile Pond canoe trail is a great paddle.

Another is the “Hells Bay” Canoe trail and there are more.

You can get maps at the ranger station.

In the northern section of the Everglades and Big Cypress preserve, The Turner River is one of the most unique paddles that you could ever do.

Then other must dos are Half Way Creek and the East River.

You can get maps for them from the ranger station in Everglades City

We will also be down in the Keys in Feb.

I have got to run now, since we are taking off in about an hour for four month down there, but look for a private e-mail from me.



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Many places besides the Keys