Southern Missouri Float and Cabins

I am looking for a place that rents cabins during the week on the Meramec. Or possibly the Current or Jacks Fork or a river with a similar float.

We need three private bedrooms. We would also be satisfied with three seperate cabins that are within walking distance of each other.

We would like to keep it under $150.00 per night during the week. It would be nice if they would provide sheets for the beds (as most don’t seem to want to do that). It would also be nice if you could actually see the cabin(s) from the river.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. We would consider not getting sheets and having to deal with a shuttle. It just works out better if your float ends up at the camp. We have been left waiting for a ride many times. We have been totally forgotten twice.

Try this link
Member [Love that catchy forum name!],

Here’s a link to possibles for the Jacks Fork and Current, I don’t know about the Meramac area. There are a couple on the list that might do for ya’.

I’m pretty sure that at least two resorts on the Meramec have big cabins…don’t know about sheets.

Garrisons is on the upper river, below Steelville. They have a pretty good float down to their place, starting up above the Highway 19 bridge, and a shorter one that starts at Birds Nest.

Ozark Outdoors is downstream across from Onondaga Cave. I know they have cabins that sleep six or eight people. The owner is a friend, and I know they are good quality and accomodating. They have a couple of floats down to their place.

I’ve had both resorts do shuttles for me many times, both downstream and upstream, and both seem to be very dependable.