Southern OH / N KY Fisherman

Just wondering if there’s any other kayak fisherman or canoe fisherman in the area that would wanna hit up some area lakes with a new kayak angler… I plan on destroying some bass and catfish and drinkin some cold ones all over Southwest OH this summer!!!

You’ll find quite a few yak and canoe fishermen in KY and southern Ohio, but will likely find most of them on streams. The strength of these small craft is their ability to get away from crowded lakes and enjoy the serenity of the small flowing waters of the midwest.

Check out or and you’ll find dozens of area canoe/yak fishermen that fish our southern Ohio/Northern KY waters. We tend to gather and meet several times during the year at “Rodeos” (a fancy name for getting together, camping, fishing, BSing and sipping adult beverages around a fire) Its always an open invitation. We tend to get together at the Elkhorn in KY, Whitewater in IN or some of the small southern Buckeye streams. Sometimes we join others for even larger gathering on the New in VA/WV, Allegheny, Susquehanna, etc. There is always a list of upcoming rodeos on the RS website.

Hope to see ya on the water sometime.


sounds good
I’d love to get together with some guys on the Elkhorn, I use to go there all the time with my grandpa to camp and fish when I was growing up!!! we used to tear up smallmouth and rock bass…