Southern Paddling

I am considering taking a camping and paddling trip next month, and I’m looking for suggestions for a good place to base camp, and then take a variety of day trips. I’m looking to go south, but no more than about 1000 miles from the Chicago area. Does anybody know some good spots for camping and day tripping in Louisiana, or maybe the western end of the Florida panhandle?

Look in Places to Paddle.
You’ve got Texas,Louisiana, Mississippi,Alabama, and Florida to choose from.The whole Gulf.

Consider the Okenfenokee. There is a State Park on the western edge that you can base camp. There are many day trips into the swamp that you will enjoy. There are also the Suwanee and St. Mary’s River that flow out of the swamp. You are also not far from the coast if you wish explore some salt marsh areas. Crooked River State Park is on a tidal marsh river with lots of opportunities to explore. Make sure you understand the timing of the local tides before you venture out. The tides on that part of the coast are pretty big and flows can leave you stranded if you are not careful.

i want to go to fernandina beach
east coast just north of jacksonville, never been but its way up on my priority list

dannyb9, when you go to
Fernandino Beach be sure to eat at the Sand Dollar. The food is excellent. The atmosphere is great. Looks out over the water. You can watch the ferry go back and forth, and watch aircraft landing at the base! We stop there every time we go to FL.

thanx, next time youre in beaufort
try the johnson creek tavern on harbor island just before hunting island bridge. they also have an awesome view and good food. the sand dollar on st helenas is not known for good food or a nice view but its fun on tuesday nite when the jam band shows up

Horn Island
If you have a good open water kayak-consider Horn Island off the coast of Mississippi. Beautiful this time of year-not too many bugs. Paddle straight across from the coast- its a 7 mile paddle. Then follow around the island to the south side-the water there is just about as beautiful as anything you’ll see in the Caribbean. Its also wild still-a protected piece of seashore. You should see dolphins, and on the island if you are lucky you’ll spot deer, rabbits, and possibly an alligator or two in the inner bays of the island. On the north shore of Horn there are tons of hermit crabs.

You have to be able to bring all of your own supplies, and that includes water. If you are interested, let me know-I’ll email you all the info I know about it. I’ve paddled there several times-and its still my favorite destination. It is patroled by park rangers, and it is a good idea to check in with them and let them know you are there.


fla paddling
If you want to camp then Saint Joseph peninsula state park in the pandhandle area of flas west coast is a wonderful place to visit. The beach is rated as one of the top beaches in the US year after year and the bay side has beautiful sheltered water. Further along the coast is appalacicola and Saint Marks. Saint Marks has a spring river and a wildlife refuge with some wonderful barrier islands. This is the part of fla that has still retains the old flavor of fla and is a wonderful place to visit. If the weather is still to cool up their then head to Everglades National park in south fla.

Southern paddling
Lake Fausse Point State Park