Southern U.S. boating trip

Swamps are great places to paddle as long as you don’t mind a few reptiles, biting insects, and mud. There are many on the coast of SC and the eastern side of the state. Early spring and late fall are the best times to go to avoid the bugs.

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Im still on the road, day 41, paddling texas, ran a tiny bit of the san marcos (no pics) and then the Guadalupe

I will post more pics of Guadalupe, Frio, Devils, and Llamos when i get a decent connection.

Guadalupe above
Frio below

3 days, 2 nights on the devils river. My bro came in for this run. He pinned the pakayak. 12.6 foot boat in a 11 foot slot. Hatches and cockpit facing upstream filled with water but we didnt lose any gear. I had to be a little extre careful since the boat clamps together when we unpinned it


Caddo lake


Rio llamo tx

Ratcliff lake (pond) tx and mountain fork in oklahoma and La Fouche in arkansas will have to wait until someone comments, site limits how many replies you can do in a row

Well, I will just say that I have been enjoying your trip report. Wish I was there!

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Ratcliff lake tx

Mountain Fork oklahoma

More mtn fork

La fouche arkansas

Ok, im not sure missouri is really part of the south. The roadkill changed from armadillo to possum. Some pics of the eleven point.

Missouri was undecided during the Civil War so the US Cavalry was dispatched to root out the rebels but it seemed like the natives were overall a rebellious lot.
My great great ? grandfather was a captain in the Union cavalry from Chicago of all places.
Supposedly that unit rode many horses to death and accomplished nothing. GG was shot in the leg and lost it supposedly while drinking with the opposition. Probably would have made a good paddler.


That’s crazy!

Okay, last few pictures, cache river in southern illinois

I think of egrets as a southern bird but saw a few in illinois and kentucky

And my last state on this trip, kentucky

Energy lake, lake barkley taylor cove, green river and nolin river

Back home cleaning out the camper and plotting my next adventure


Thanks for the tour!