Southern U.S. boating trip

1/3rd of the way into this trip. Day 19, of a 54 day road trip to hike and paddle in ky, tn, alabama, missisppi, louisiana, texas, and oklahoma. My “new” state will be texas. Devils river is my final destination there. Meeting my brother for that one. So my paddling in kentucky will come at the end of the trip. But on my way south I did stop in red river gorge for a few days.


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That little pond is clear creek lake. I thought about doing stroke practice but you were supposed to get a launch permit and there was no self pay station. There was an online scan code, but no phone or internet at the lake so no way to pay online. The forest service used to have some common sense.

I moved on to cumberland falls, yahoo falls, alum ford and big south fork. Hiked at those places as well.

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TN and into Alabama

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Who knew that charlie the tuna was caught in a wildlife management area in alabama?

Not enough water at bucks pocket state park

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Cruising on the coosa, a loop from fort toulouse, into the lakes and back down a different channel, didnt enjoy portaging, but when have I ever? Long day for me 27.4 miles

I live where hank died. A much debated topic,

so it is fitting i visited his childhood home , birthright.

No photos of big escambia creek, i did the tuber section and hiked the shuttle

Magnolias in mississippi, jourdan river

Paddling cane bayou at fontainebleau LA

Time to turn around

My morning nature walk at fountainbleau

I buried the treasure under the x, ok not really, i wouldnt want to waste a good pbr by burying it

Ok all caught up! Tomorrow lake fausse and buffalo cove


Buffalo cove Louisiana good place to get lost for a while

Portage/drag before buffalo cove, lake fausse destined to fill with sediment

White sand beaches on village creek tx

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Sea rim texas salt marsh


So, someone needs to comment on these delightful pictures. It looks like a great trip & something to do in late winter/early spring. Otherwise, I’m a northern paddler & tend to focus on upper Michigan & Canada.

Thanks for these.


We will call this one D’s creek, private landowner permission required, high flow required, flows into village creek

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