Southern US 2 Day Trip Suggestions

I need a trip in the Southern US that will be quick water and nice camping. May 8-10th. Unusual days so no quick water on the rivers in southeastern TN. TVA only lets water out on weekends is my understanding. Please all suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks, Jay

ga rivers
The Altamaha here in GA is a pretty good trip. Its a large river with alot of public ramps and sandbars. Not sure if thats what youre looking for. For osmething smaller above the fall line, I suggest the Flint river just south of Atlanta. Part of the river here looks like it belongs in North GA/TN. I would not run it too far below HW 36 though, there are supposed to be some pretty nasty shoals.

How about the Green River in KY
Mammoth Cave NP. Depending on the rains this should be a great trip in May.