Southern US trip for March?

I am looking for a trip with liquid water in March. As I live in NY, I think I will have to go South. I Need help with this. I have done the Buffalo, (loved it) now I am looking for something closer. A 4-5 day trip on a river would be nice, with camping. Help?

Not closer,
but there are some great rivers for extended camping trips in Texas. The Sabine and the Neches come to mind, or for more whitewater, the Rio Grande or Pecos. A few good resources in case you aren’t familiar with them are , which is a motherlode of information, and , which is more geared towards camping.

Have you considered paddling in the Everglades region? Great weather throughout the winter, and beautiful paddling.

You might be able to get four nights
on the Edisto in South Carolina. There is an outfitter opposite Colleton State Park who might have information. The Edisto is cypress swamp transitioning to saltwater marsh. It’s one of the closer possibilities to you.