southwest Florida

I will be going to Naples in another week and a half. Could anyone recommend any outfitters or tours in Southwest Florida. I really miss being out on the ocean. Since I don’t know the area (I’m from Mass.), I’ll need to find a group of people who can guide.

I’ll be going there in three and a half weeks!

flying into Ft. Lauderdale, rented a convertable mustang…YEEEEHA!!!..opps…I’ll try to contain myself! LOL


P.S. check the local paddling clubs.

southwest florida tripping
thirty five minutes south of naples you will find the opportunity to experience a most unique and spellbinding paddling experience.the north american tours in everglades city for day tours as well as extended tours. long history of everglades will talk of the everglades for years to best to you.

Lovers Key…
…between Ft. Myers Beach & Naples is a fabulous place to paddle & great seashells, but I don’t know where the nearest outfitter would be.

If you are in the Clearwater area, take the causeway out to Honeymoon Island & you will see an outfitter on the left; they take group tours out to a nearby island that has paddling trails.

great paddling
is avaialable down their. South of naples is Everglades city and the ivy house/north american canoe tours(www.Everglades 2396954155) and they have some nice necky kayaks and will drop you off at the headwaters of the turner river and halfwaycreek/baronriver. Talk to david and tell him that stephen recomended them. North of naples is estero river outfitters and they also rent kayaks and canoes and you can paddle into estero bay. If you want more information on where to paddle down their let me know and I will give you some specific routes and options. I lived in Everglades city for 5 years and paddled the area extinsively.Their is thousands of miles of trails and some great beaches.

Estero river outfitters,
located between Naples and Ft. Myers, located on US41 and the Estero River.


Carolina Mike!
If you’re in the Tampa Bay/Clearwater/Bradenton area call on Carolina Mike. He runs trips regularly and at a customer’s request. He knows all the great places to go, inland and coastal. You’ll have a great time! Check him out at:

p.s. his nickname “carolina” comes from the Perception sea kayak, not the state.

p.s.s. he’s a friend and I’m a satisfied customer but I get nothing from recommending him.

p.s.s.s. if you want a group kayak/camping trip he’ll call on some of us to join along. We always have a great time with guitar jams, excellent meals and fabulous comradarie!!

thanks for the feedback
I truly appreciate all of your responses. They have helped me narrow down my choices of where to go paddling. I can’t wait to get there! I keep telling myself “just one more week” and then those single digit temperatures are a bit easier to deal with. If I knew I’d be getting the opportunity to go kayaking in February, I would have worked harder at lifting weights during this off season rather than lifting the drinks during football season.