Southwest Kayak Symposium

any previous first hand attendees? I am likely to be in San Diego during the March 31 to April 2 event and beyond. Any suggested outfitters to rent from for a few paddles in the area?

I’ve been to the last three
It’s an event I wouldn’t miss. There are all sorts of mini classes and boats to demo.

Aqua Adventures is the outfitter that sponsors this event and they are IMHO the best outfitter in San Diego to rent a boat from. They usually have boats for you to use in the classes but I’m not sure what the rental fees are.

Give Jen Kleck, the owner of AA a call and talk to her. You won’t get bad advice. That’s why I drove over 200 miles in each direction to demo and then buy my last boat from her.

Second the rentals from Aqua Adventures
Their rates are comparable to other rentals, and they have a good selection of kayaks. Also, they are right by the water, so if you start/end in Mission Bay, there’s no need to transport a kayak. My husband and I were unable to rent a vehicle with kayak rack when we were there, so the above was of major importance.

Post here after you return from the symposium!

on water shop is good
as I had not considered the lack of boat hauling logistics on hire car.

I will be out there for about 8 days/nights. Will attend show and take at least one day to paddle Mission Bay area.

We are less than 2 minutes from

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site ..... 5 by water ..... come see us.

Go for out of retail store reality for lessons and trips.

Bring your boat and at least paddle out the channel.

Definately see Jeff at Liquid Fusion
for longer more personalized lessons. The symposium is fun, but a full focused day beats a 90 minute lesson any day.

They now have full day classes too.
At last year’s Symposium, they had full day classes from Nigel Foster, Fiona Whitehead, Wayne Horodowich, and Doug Van Doren.

None of these were for beginners but they really were good. I took one from Wayne and one from Doug. Both helped tremendously.

Plus the shorter classes were expanded to 2 hours. See what happens when you miss just one symposium. LOL.

Yes good advice.
Jeff is a great teacher.

my first visit was last year
Loved the classes I took, Wayne was excellent, the people are fun. Definitely stay for the bonfire Saturday night - what a hoot!