Space Shuttle

I’m looking for a cool overnight place to paddle and also catch the blastoff of the Space Shuttle. Does anyone know of such a place? I really don’t want a campground, but a place to venture in the woods/rivers and see the blastoff. I will need to rent a canoe so I am also looking for an outfitter. Thanks.

Fla camping
Try the Canaveral national seashore.

You can rent an Island campsite, or camp in the regular camping area. I used to camp there quite a bit. the South campground is closer but I believe they do close it for launches. The North campground is open.

You can gibe them a call and they can / will answer your question. Just be sure and reserve early.

Look into Merrit Island …
national wildlife refuge.

I think there is primitive camping on some of the spoil islands, with the proper permits.

Lots of folks show up to watch the launch in boats, of all sizes. We went out for the last one, launching our yaks from pier 42, just north of Haul-over canal.

You can only get so close, and the Coast Guard will be watching.

You can try contacting Mosquito Lagoon Paddlers or Mosquito Lagoon Kayakers, it’s their backyard, they may help out.


The wilderness of outer space?
You might get more results on the meeting people and going paddling forum.

Shoulder Fired Missiles…
It’s a lot about safety all right, the MISSION Crews safety…

Years back my team was assigned to provide additional security to a launch after intel chatter had NASA up in arms about a possible shoot down attempt…

Camping on the St Johns River
Since you can see the Space Shuttle from a long ways away you might want to look into one of these camping areas on the St Johns River which are very close to where the launch will be.

Warning: The pictures in these areas were probably taken when they were first built years ago (kind of like internet dating profile picks). The camp sites are very hard to find,nowhere near as nice as the pictures look and if you don’t hug the shore line you probably won’t find any of them.