Spacing of kayaks

Next to each other on a roof rack. Can you fit 2 kayaks approx 24" wide each on a 50" bar side by each? How much space should I leave for movement? Is there a minimum distance between load bars?



Probably …
I put a 23" and a 23.5" side by side on 48" bars easily, but it may depend upon your bar spacing. The wider the spacing the more seperation your kayaks can have.


Another thought
I agree with Mike. But I think your problem might be in the system you use to cradle the boats. If you are using Yakima or Thule cradles you may not have enough room outboard of the rack tower to attach the outboard cradle, depending on how your rack is configured. If you are simply using pool noodles for padding, no problem. If using foam blocks, just carve a recess for the towers. If all else fails, invest in a new pair of x-bars.