SPAM and real sea kayakers

SPAM is made from kangaroo?

A can of spam
It’s not required.

This essential item now is available in a single serving aluminum foil package.

We are in the Spam Capitol of the world
down here …

Got me over to the shelf to see whats here.

Got these cans lined up right next to me.


1-Hot and Spicy

1-Hickory smoke

1-Turkey Spam

And 2-25% less sodium proving my wife cares.

Don’t know how they got there but they are there … LOL

oh, yeah, usually from

But that’s only the “export” stuff that we sell to US and A :slight_smile:

Domestic market has be content with boring old farm “nugget” meat (nugget as: chicken nugget etc)

I WOULD lubricate my own …
… tent stakes, but I find it tends to attract bears. So I only offer that service to friends, usually the ones that snore …

best website going
seriously, have a google, and a giggle…

I have 1 jar and two tubes in the house and one tube always goes in my pack. mini bagels with avocado and vegemite are a personal favorite lunch and snack food.

I’m a happy little vegemite…

Paul (lived in Oz for a couple of years)

Yeah! That’ll keep the bears away!

Spam is made with identical equipment
As used to produce sealants.

My Wife has a good Spam Recipe
Not good for paddling trips over a couple days.

I’m not sure on qty.s but toss together, cubed Spam, cooked spaghetti, cherry tomatos,black olives, chopped green onions, and creamy Italian dressing.

Good campfire food is spam and scrambled eggs, add in green peppers or whatever suits while cooking, serve in a tortilla with salsa.



SPAM: Snake, Possum And Mole.

My mom sent me to grade school
with Spam sammiches for years.Broke me of any desire to ever try it again.