Spanish River

We’re off to the Spanish River (NW of Sudbury, ON) in a couple of weeks. Does anyone have any recommendations on good campsites, must see places, or general info to share?



Went to the Spanish last year.

Very pretty.

Where are you putting in and getting out?

One of the best we called the “Spanish Castle”, locals call it the “Hobbit Site”. On RR just before Zig Zag Rapids. I also liked the camp at Big Graveyard with the 100meter portage running right thru the middle. Wakonassin Camp is also nice.

If you have time I recommend taking the Flume portage up to Pogomasing Lake, explore and camp up there a night or two and return to the river via the 1000 meter ATV trail. LakePog is a big beautiful lake and it is well worth the side trip. A great camp is located at the north end of the lake on Lunch Island (west side) and a smaller camp is located at the mouth of Pogomasing Creek, north side 500 meters up the creek.

Be sure to post a trip report and let us know the water levels!

When ya goin?
I’m on the Spanish a couple times a summer, from the Forks on down. Which part are you doing?

There are eight trip reports at CCR on various sections. Look here:

Good camp sites:

North east end of Spanish Lake.

RR at the last of the Graveyard.

RL about 2-3 K below Cedar Rapids.


Lots of logging evidence. Old log cabins or remains RL below Agnes Rapid, and at Wakonassin Camp. Many tote roads also.

Watch for the bald eagles along the route.

I’ll second the trail up to Pog even if you don’t go to the lake. Good place for lunch. Access at the railway bridge/culvert RR.

I’ve got more info but I’m at work now (don’t tell anyone OK :-))and can’t access it.

One of my favourite rivers, I’ve been down it 28 times in various sections.



I am going to the St.Croix River next week for 4 days kayaking and camping and fishing.

I have decided to put in at Taylor Falls and go to Stillwater and maybe beyond if everyone is up to it.

Has anyone been here and what do you reccommend?

I wanted to do the upper St. Croix River but one of our party has had no experience and seems reluctant about any rapids so I planned the lower instead. What about camping, varmits, etc…

thank you

BUD Train
If you get a chance,take the Bud train.It will pick you up anywhere and drop you off anywhere.

Alot of people use it for their shuttle up river.

Small Mouth Bass seemed to be the easiest to catch.

Some of the camp sites were spread out so can’t be too choosy when the “perfect one” is taken.

Have fun.

Upper St. Croix rapids are fairly easy
and you still have time to change to the upper river.