Sparrow hawk

I saw a new kevlar Sparrow Hawk, which I understand has been discontinued by Wilderness Systemsfor about $1800. I rather fancy it, as I have wanted an eskimo kayak for some time. What do readers think.

Nice Boat
for a small/medium paddler. I’d gladly trade my Montauk for that in a heartbeat. :slight_smile:

Sanjay, has paddled one and likes it. I have only seen it being paddled and rolled but didn’t get into it.

I don’t think it has a “day hatch” if you’re into having that.

Mark Rogers of Superior kayaks designed and still makes the original Sparrow Hawk and Artic Hawk in wood. Expect to pay twice the amount.


low volume
I don’t know of any fast low volume production kayaks in existance,I’m pretty sure it’s faster than a Slipstream. If you’re under 150lbs and fit sure, get it,don’t worry about the seat you can make your own, if it doesn’t have a skeg you’ll get good at leaning while paddling in windy conditions.

it is
a good example of an early 1900’s SW Greenland replica. The lines are Mark’s version of a GL boat built around the time when whitey first made the scene in GL and would request a kayak. Mark’s a friend and we have discussed designs a bunch!

There are two versions the Sparrow Hawk (hatches) and the Sparrow Hawk SS (no hatches). No WS Hawk (Sparrow or Arctic)has a day hatch. the Sparrow has the mid-sized ocean cockpit and is rather small in size. I have squeezed into one and paddled for a day, tho I am too big (180lb)

It handles like a traditional GL boat, lots of speed, EZ edge and some rocker, especially stern. It weathercocks but is fairly EZ to drive. Rough stuff can bat around the bow, as it’s low volume, deep and straight.

Fun boat if ‘traditional’ rings your bell.


any suggestions for lowvolume/fast?
Something smaller than the T-165, I saw a P&H boat that looked cute.

Thanks very much for your kind replies.

it’s smaller and has a bit narrower bow entry, narrower beam.

Not entirely convinced it’s faster than the 165.


that’s the one
maybe not faster but it looks more efficient for 3mph pace and a 120lb paddler.

Short list
The Vela and the Sparrow Hawk are on my wifes short list. The Vela may be more user freindly but the Sparrow Hawk is fast. She needs to try one out again as the cockpit is small but they are not easy to find.

Sparrow Hawk kit in the works
Mark Rodgers is doing two more kits for CLC.

From the Superior Kayaks Newsletter I got today:

“the Hawk GT will be introduced by Chesapeake Light Craft in spring 2005. This kayak kit should be a great addition to their line and complement the Arctic Hawk kit already in production. We will start working on the Sparrow Hawk kit in 2005.”

no kidding?
wow, more $1000 Arctic Hawk kits?

Build your own boat

cool boats!!