Speakers and Mounts For SUP

Does anyone on here ever take their wireless speakers out on the water? Do you find any issues with mounting the speaker and waterproofing it? Just curious as to what’s out there for being able to mount your wireless speaker while still being able to be confident it is waterproof!

real SUPs
don’t have a need for speakers while out on on paddles. Nature doesn’t have speakers per se. Listen to what is really out there and enjoy. Keep in mind that your waterproof speakers are an irritant to others paddling out there. Silence and nature are the ideal environment. Wear headphones if you must.

No no no no !
Keep your speakers to yourself.

No one else wants to hear your music on the water.

Look into waterproof case for your ipod. I think Laird Hamilton has actually endorsed one. If you google for it.

Love my speaker!
I always paddle with my speaker. It scares me to have headphones in and not be able to hear boats coming behind me. I know there are a lot of people who want the sounds of nature, but I prefer some music to accompany my paddle. I’m a runner, and we are of 2 breeds: those who need music, and those who never listen to it. I need it. I was out there for 5 hours Monday–music was a definite plus and helped me enjoy the nature more. Use your discretion and be respectful of those around you. Which should go without saying, of course. Typically, I do not encounter other paddlers where I ride, so I am not worried about disturbing them, but there are boats and homes/docks with their own music going. I’ve actually gotten compliments on my “sound system” from people who have not tried to paddle but thought it looked like I was having a great time. I have been in situations where I’ve turned it down so I could barely hear it or stopped it when approaching other people, but use your best judgment. I’m not a disrespectful or entitled, so I trust that I am not being so on the water.

All that being said… I do not have a mount on my board. I always go out for a few hours in relatively flat water, so I have a cooler and/or dry bag strapped to my board. I hook my speaker on to those. I have a water resistant speaker that goes everywhere with me: the “Braven 440 Water Resistant Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with PowerBank.” My boyfriend mounted the “ECOXGEAR - ECOROX Rugged and Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Speaker” to his board, and it stayed on great. The speaker, however, stopped working at some point. I think he might have dropped it. He doesn’t paddle much, so he does not use it anymore. The mount and speaker stayed on the board when he was using it, though, so that is a mounting option.

Happy paddling to everyone, whether enjoying the music of nature or that from a speaker!

they make waterproof bluetooth speakers
They even have one in a cloth enclosure that you can velcro to anything else with velcro.