Speaking of counter-sinks

Does anyone know if there is a counter-sink that produces a round, or beaded shape as opposed to a 45 deg chamfer? I imagine that somebody makes one. Come to think of it, such a design would have to come in various sizes, and would be self-limiting as to it’s depth.

What got me to thinnin’ about this was my recent foray into caned seats. I set up the drill press with the stop at the right depth and countersunk, oh, about 160 hole edges. I considered tearong a strip of samding cloth into a 1/4" piece and sanding each hole edge into a gentle curve, but I rapidly lost interest.


sounds like a router bit?

Spade bit
You might re-grind a spade bit.

Or use a dremel tool.
I’m sure you find some kind of bit that would do what you want.


Ah Hah!
More like this:


Might have to take the bearing off to get it to drop into the hole…Maybe a cheap Lowes router bit would be worth a test run.



yes, a Dremmel would be perfect
… for doing a project like Jim’s many seat holes.

Don’t use it a lot, but when I do there’s often no substitute.

Doesn’t he want the opposite of that?
that leaves a sharp edge, and I though he wanted a concave bit to round the hole edges for comfort. Do I have that wrong?

That’s the ticket.
You can get those in 1/8" dremel bits too, I think. Depending on the size of your hole, that might be easier to work with.

This one: http://www.rockler.com/product.cfm?page=10631

Accordin’ ta wat yer thinkin’ of

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A milling or even a grindin' "burr" might work. Sears has dem.

Top item...



Wrong end of hole
I was thinking of the wrong end of the hole.

Countersink = V

Round nose bit = U

Rockler to the rescue
And conveniently located 2 miles from my Dad’s house when I visit in two week.



They don’t carry everything on the web
in store, you know. Just a warning. If you need it at that exact time, I’d order it off the web, or at least call the local store to see. Sometimes they’re just plain out of stock as well. I conveniently have both a Rockler and a Woodcraft within 4 miles of my house. ;~)

Damn, yer be one lucky Pilgrim.

Luckier if I could afford anything in
either one of them. Tortured is more like it, as I haven’t the shop space, budget nor time to use them like I’d prefer to . . . .


Non-power option

Always meant to buy one of those
but never got a round tuit. Not sure how well it would work on ash. walnut or red oak.

But all of this is crazy talk on my part! It took me almost 8 hours to lace my last seat project for my Magic, and I have no desire to repeat that task in the near future.

Of course, there is a potential to make a more comfy seat for my MR Freedom Solo…And I will surely be better at it the second time around…


save a step?

If you’re good with a grinder, you might be able to modify one of these to the shape you want.

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