Speaking of HIN's.

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MRC# "MADJxxx-xxxxK". I'm curious as to model. It was sans gunnels and painted gray on the inside, but I think it is Kevlar and a solo. Anybody?

Any dimensions?

Nope. It was on the floor in the back
of Moor & Mountain - a great little independent outdoors store in Andover, MA - on Saturday, in the midst of a rehab and totally stripped of wood. The nice lady that was working alone, didn’t know much about it, however, so I didn’t press it. Just a quick glance at the HIN. I’m curious more than anything. I suppose I could just call them on a weekday.


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that would be a Slipper and the gray paint should indicate that it is fiberglass. But...if there really is a "K" at the end of the ser #, then it's an odd ball. 95% of all kevlar canoes at MRC were NOT painted gray and instead had the tan "football" painted in the bottom. "k" makes it kevlar. What is the complete ser#?

I didn’t write it down. It had little

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open top foam-filled tanks that looked like Kevlar inside, which made me look twice because the gray paint said glass to me, too. No Airex core. Definitely a "K" on the end. Should have noted the date, but no. The hull was pretty badly chalked white with red graphics and short, fat-ish pinstripes (If it were me, I'd try and buff the gelcoat before the re-rail). The bunny logo was printed black on a square transparent sticker. Clear red "second" stenciled inside. Even in that sad state, it's a pretty canoe.

Thanks, Rob. I somehow figured you'd come through! You should pop in there if you're in the area. It's obvious that somebody at Moor & Mountain is a canoe enthusiast. It's kinda like stepping back 30 years, or so.