Speaking of rum

Can you recommend a good sipping rum? Haven’t tried any rum in years and that was in Rum and Coke .
This is what isolation does to me. Isolated from paddling anyway.

I really like Black Seal.

My lovely wife is fond of Kraken 94 proof. Is nice over ice or direct from the bottle neck.

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I like the dark full flavored rums. If you like Kraken, try Black Seal. Similar but better.

How about El Dorado? Read about it in a novel.

Ron de Barrilito - hard to find in the US. It’s from Puerto Rico.

Away, away, with rum by gum …


ok not so smooth. A Newfoundland Labrador specialty

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KM, is that the sound you make when you drink it?

Haven’t touched it since I got hideously drunk in college on rum playing monopoly with my roommates. My jock roommate surfed down a full flight of stairs on his chest laughing all the way. I don’t remember but I don’t thInk we were sipping.

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My moment was 3 days. We were poor members of the college drill team on our first road trip. The bus stopped at a 7/11 and I bought a bottle of Mad Dog red wine and my friend a 6 pack of Schlitz which we shared.
By then the guys with the good stuff were giving it away.
My major mistake was not tossing that night.
The next 3 days, I smelled that red wine every time I took a leak.
It’s been 50 years and I still want nothing to do with red wine.

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We usually stick with Sailor Jerry’s spice rum, the ABC stores were sold out, had to get Captain Morgan, which I can take or leave.

Orange vanilla Coke and rum, just had one.

Want a dark and stormy to take the hair off your tongue?

Sailor Jerry’s and Trader Joe’s Triple Ginger Brew.

Trader Joe’s used to just stock it around Christmas but now they seem to have it all the time where we live.

Warning the ginger brew is intense.

I have enough experience with Mad Dog that when my wife and I were on our honeymoon in the Drake hotel in Chicago our friends had a bottle sent to our room; it was delivered by a man that looked like an admiral in his best dress uniform (including white gloves). I’m not a big fan of red wine any more either. I can also confirm that beer on top of Mad Dog is a bad idea even if you’re on a budget.

For me yes… But generically no. Screech in is a fun celebratory rite done to willing people from away and the imbibing is one part of the three part celebration. It mutes the effect of another part; the kissing of a cod.

Kind of like becoming a member of the Sour Toe Club of which I am a card carrying member

I like rum from Jamaica and Barbados. There is also good rum in Puerto Rico and Bermuda. Most of them you cannot find at a grocery store. Appleton is consistently good.

I only like rum when mixed with something that disguises the rum so any rum will do…

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“Back in the old days” a fellow I used to paddle with was pretty adamant about bringing rum on trips, as a sort of nod to the voyageur’s tradition. Almost anything would do back then since we’d mix it with coffee or instant lemonade, warm or cold depending on the circumstances and hour of the day or night. It loosened up the scope of campfire conversation and took away sore muscles after a day on the water.

Years later on one of our early Ozark gatherings Sloopsailor, I believe it was, put us on to Brinley Gold Shipwreck Coffee rum. I very rarely drink anything anymore - inadvisable due to liver damage from youthful excess - but I have to say, that is some mighty smooth rum. I’d recommend it and will again take a sip or two if offered. Perhaps there is something better, but I sure don’t know what. That is fine enough stuff that it would be a crime to mix it with anything.

I am a whiskey drinker, the short and hard kind.

Haven’t done rum for a long time and I paddle sober. I do that because I am either fishing and need to pay attention or I am in, at most, and 18" wide boat and need to pay attention.

Bumbu. You’re welcome. :wink:

The other good place for rum is Guana. I have a friend that used to do gold exploration all over the world, he always brought back great rum from South America. Never heard of any of them, but really spectacular. You want to be able to taste them.