Spearfishing In Florida Keys?

Back in the olden days when I was diving in the Keys, Key Largo and Pennecamp underwater park did not allow spearfishing, but it was allowed down in Key Marathron. I heard the entire Keys are now a refuge of some kind.

Is spearfishing still allowed in the rest of the Keys?

no way !
I grew up in florida and spent every summer in sunshine key. The Keys are consider a national wildlife refuge in most places. You can spearfish further out but dont get caught near any bridges or manmade objects , big no no , lol

Yes, although the keys are now part of the fl keys national marine sanctuary ;spearfishing is allowed… except in “spas” special protection areas which are marked by orange bouys where no fishing or collecting of any type allowed.if you are near a bridge or land you must be 300ft from them to discharge your gun.the same rules that apply to the rest of fl apply in the keys. check the “” FKNMS website or fishing tackle shops /boating centers for charts that mark the spa areas. which are mainly on the main reef line. Also the Fl Wildlife Conservation Commision has an exellent site with size limits etc; and species which may not be speared.I comercially spear west of key west, not much really has changed except size limits are larger. check the sites though a fisheries ticket starts at $300, which makes for an expensive fish …Lee S

Thanks Guys!
I keep day dreaming about sperfishing back in the Keys. Maybe its time to head back…


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wait till middle may at least, the wind has been honkin down here and vis is terrible,grouper has never been better though,15-20lb fish are common and there always a few 30+ everyday..got a 63lber in 15ft of water (gutted wieght) that was swimming with a school of super parrots..bent the shaft like a pretzel and broke 400lb test mono line, but a severed aorta made trailing it easy .bled out rapidly and rolled over within a few hundred feet of initial contact. bring your big gun....giant hammerheads have been all over the marquesas,breeding season ,don't try shooting them;just get out of the water, saw a 20ftplus monster last week in less than 10ft of water.my friend, freddy who flies the seaplane says if you saw the sharks he sees from the sky you would never get in the water thank god they only seem curious and not hungry....come on down the waters fine.....Lee