Special Marine Warning for coastal SC

I thought some might be interested in this current SC coastal warning for showers producing waterspouts.

WWA Summary by Location for 33.09N 79.34W with SCZ050/SCC019/SCZ050 emphasis Special Marine Warning (weather.gov)

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Go catch one! With your camera.

I was paddling off of Folly Beach, SC this morning in some lively water around 10:30 am. There was a small storm several miles off shore. I could see the rain coming down from it. Then I noticed a funnel stretching down from it. It stretched about halfway down to the water. It receded most of the way over a short bit, then extended back down about half way to the water. Within about another minute it completely receded, and I didn’t see it again. This little storm was very slowly moving towards shore. I landed on the beach about 11:00, loaded and came home. It didn’t connect with the water, but it was still an exciting thing to see while out kayaking.

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not a good day. Winds 50.


Sing would like it?